Organic Maitake Mushrooms

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What Is Organic Maitake?

Organic Maitake Mushrooms. Organically cultivated in pristine conditions. A coveted prize of mushroom foragers around the world, the maitake grows in a distinctive cluster of leaf-like, flattened caps that look a bit like the feathers of a hen. With a firm, crunchy texture and fruity, earthy flavor, the hen of the woods mushroom is a favorite with chefs. Organic Maitake Mushrooms

Cooking And Serving Organic Maitake

Cooking Methods: Sauté, Pan-Roast, Roast, Stew, Braise, cook en Papiotte

Cooking Tips: After opening, store any unused mushrooms in the box they came in or in a brown paper bag. Keeping the mushrooms in clusters will keep them fresher longer. Washing our cultivated mushrooms is not necessary and will change the texture. Simply trim the bottoms and they are ready for use in your favorite recipes. Maitake mushrooms have rich umami flavor that complements roasted meats and poultry, Asian dishes, dark leafy greens, and grains. We like to roast them with avocado oil and flake salt, or sauté them in miso-butter. Organic Maitake (Hen of the Woods) Mushrooms


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