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Cocaine in Germany: The ‘South American tsunami’

International security agencies likely confiscated more cocaine in 2018 than ever before. German investigators fear a more violent struggle for control of the market among gangs in the future — even in Europe.

The Spanish port of Algeciras in April 2018: Investigators regularly find drug shipments here, mainly from South America. Still, what police found hidden between crates of bananas during this particular operation would turn out to be a decisive victory against cocaine smugglers in Europe. Some nine tons of cocaine were confiscated on this day, the largest amount of the drug ever seized in a container in Europe, according to Spain’s interior minister. The street value of the haul was estimated to be roughly half a billion euros.

Flood of cocaine rolls on

The record-breaking find illustrates a phenomenon that German customs and police agents refer to as the “South American tsunami.” Each year more and more cocaine is seized around the globe and the amount will likely increase again in 2018, according to an internal evaluation by Germany’s Federal Crime Office (BKA). German broadcaster NDR is in possession of the report, the pages of which note that 608 tons of cocaine had been seized globally by November. As a number of finds will likely go unpublished until after the new year, the BKA says it is quite possible that this year’s seizures will exceed the record 639 tons impounded in 2017

Christian Hoppe, who heads the BKA’s drug enforcement group, told NDR that the root of the problem can be found “primarily in large-scale production in countries like Colombia, Peru and Bolivia.” Moreover, he says cocaine production is more efficient today, meaning more of the drug can be made from less coca than was possible just a few years ago. Buy Cocaine online

Cleaner product, rising crime

The latest report issued by the European Monitoring Center for Drugs and Drug Addiction (EMCDDA) claims that the constantly rising flood of cocaine on the world market has led to increased purity of product with no change in price.

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